September 30, 2022 2 min read


Rachel Pohl

Lofoten Islands of Norway

Artist, Athlete, Writer
Rachel Pohl painting

We teamed up with RAD Artist, Rachel Pohl, to sit down and reflect. Many of her art pieces, which capture beautiful reflection landscapes, are inspired by times and places where she’s reflected and become more present.


What makes Spirit Island so special to you?

This painting is of Spirit Island in Jasper National Park, Alberta. The Canadian Rockies are a really special place to me. They perfectly represent this chapter of stillness because this place has always been for many, many years where I would go with my family and now with my husband to really just be still and to reflect on life and just be in awe of these absolutely stunning mountains.


Tell us more about your reflection pieces.

This reflection painting really represents moving more towards stillness. There's still some ripples in the water but it's trending towards this serenity and tranquility and this calming, which is really what the past two and a half years have been for a lot of us.

For me, I went from traveling 250 days a year to spending all of my time at home and really just nurturing my relationship with myself and spending a lot of time with my little family. We ultimately realized that as much as we loved living in Montana, life is too unpredictable to just choose the safe path because even that might not turn out like we expected.

"You have to reach for your dreams and not at some nebulous point decades down the line."

Rachel Pohl painting on a canvas
Rachel Pohl sitting on couch with dog and man

This time really showed us that you have to reach for your dreams and not at some nebulous point decades down the line. What can we all do right now to work towards that?


And I really think that the past two and a half years have been this completely unexpected gift that ultimately gave us the courage to move across the world to Norway. And I think life is really about finding those silver linings, even though sometimes it's easier to just focus on the negative.


Rachel Pohl at her desk
Paint pallet
Rachel Pohl sitting and drawing

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